Harkaway, Victoria, Australia

Horse agistment in Berwick, Melbourne

Premium horse agistment south east of Melbourne
and holiday horse care

About Us- Berwick area premium horse agistment

Valley Agistment


At Valley Horse Agistment you will fall in love with horse heaven!  

We are one of Melbourne's premier horse agistment properties. A large property with few people and a relaxed environment.

We offer boutique horse agistment in the Harkaway Hills only 5 min from Berwick and within 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD on the M1.  We are a prestige property and one of the larger properties within an hour of Melbourne. This is a family farm and an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility and an opportunity to keep your horse here is also an opportunity to escape from the stresses of modern city life. Wildlife abounds here with kangaroos, echidna, wombats and deer, all in a manicured farmland planted out and meticulously maintained by a trained horticulturalist.  These magnificent hills stretch to the valley, have vast views, forests, creeks  and wetlands, it is not surprising that the horses here  are so contented and relaxed!  At over 65 acres and bordering the state park, you will be spoilt for choice of where to ride! 

Valley Horse Agistment will be the one place you never, ever want to leave!

our facilities


 At Valley Horse Agistment we are all about making sure this is your happy place!

This is about far more than just horse agistment and horse care, the property is stunning with amazing facilities, there is little for you to do but visit and enjoy!  The following all new facilities are for you and your horse.

Numerous paddocks with clean and plentiful pasture in a variety of paddock types and sizes from regular up to 5 acres!

Quality fencing with electric offsets

Automatic water troughs

Stable Complex

Tack rooms

Hay storage shed

Hot wash and light rug wash

Separate feed room

Kitchenette and bar fridge

Full toilet and shower bathroom

Olympic size arena with quality surface.

Trainers on site

Top professionals to care for your horse

Arena viewing arena 

Full toilet and shower bathroom

Cross country jumps area

Trail riding abounds

Meditation bungalow under construction.

Visit and book your horse heaven now!

our community



It doesn't matter if you a novice or have been riding a lifetime, if you're  young or middle age, we are a friendly group of people that know how to enjoy and make the most of a good opportunity. This is the place to leave hassles behind, hang out with your horse and enjoy a wine with new friends. Many a time an impromptu cheese platter and wine will be spread over the table while riding lessons are underway.

We may all have different walks of life and aims with our horses, but our common bond of equine love binds us all. 

Whether you want to trail ride, compete your horse or even have a therapy pony, you will find your self among friendly and supportive faces. 

We have a private FB page and keep in touch with each other, do regular get togethers and ride outs, and post boastful photos of our horses!

Come for a visit and join us soon!

About Us

Frenchie pupplies


Available this Christmas to New Year 2019!

At the Valley we find that many of  our best friends have tails, even if some of them have stumpy little ones! 

Belle, our family pet French bulldog has produced a litter of adorable puppies that will very soon be looking for new homes.  It was a 3 hour round trip to visit Belle’s special vet for a checkup the day prior, and we were all sure  that the Monday was looking like THE day! Well Belle was very chipper on the Sunday morning and did her regular brisk early morning walk around the farm to check all the horses with me, but not long after Belle disappeared! There was no time for the vet, and the fittest little Frenchie that thinks she’s a farm dog, was a superstar! 6 puppies, all healthy and a happy and relaxed Mum! Congrats Beautiful Belle on becoming a Mumma!

6 beautiful babies born November18 2018.

These are purebred French bulldog puppies are from top quality imported bloodlines and will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and registered prior to sale.

Please feel free to make any genuine enquiries to us if purchasing one of these cuties in the NEW YEAR appeals to you!

Everything you need to know,

you can learn from a dog!

membership-don't own a horse?


Don't have a horse but always wanted too?

Some times having a horse is 

not about the riding but the slowing down and being in nature, around horses and the bond of horse companionship. 

Become a member and visit us!

Step out of the office, de-stress, refocus and reinvigorate your self. Immerse yourself in a secret sanctuary filled with  horses, birds and wildlife, see the changing colors of the seasons and enjoy a wellness adventure with benefits that will last well beyond your time here!

Our special property allows you to detach from the pressure and routine of daily life and focus on yourself, your health and wellbeing, returning to the city rejuvenated and focused. 

add on some Brandy time now!

Become a Valley member now!

In today’s fast paced working environment, long hours and heavy workloads lead to increasing levels of stress and tension.

Nature provides an array of calming, mood-elevating effects, and research shows that ‘forest bathing,’ the practice of spending time in a wooded area is good for your mind, body and spirit.

It is readily available, and you wont believe how good it feels  when practiced regularly! 

Buy yourself and a friend a Valley membership today!

meet brandy


 Horsing around but not horse riding?

Want to keep company with a beautiful kind, gentle horse and go for a forest walk, sit by the creek or under a tree and relax? 

Brandy is my retired champion quarter horse and an absolute darling having done years of patient riding for the disabled. (RDA)

Brandy the horse will happily hang out with you for a couple of hours! (For members only.) 

Nothing is more powerful than the tranquil  enjoyment that comes from inner peace. 

take time to sit and slow down, de-stress with out activity or net flicks, animals and nature are a powerful combination.

Add on some

 'Hangin' with Brandy'

 time today!